Looking for Calgel nails in Solihull

Calgel nails, nail extensions, gel infills, nail overlays or manicures in Solihull?

Cutiecals - Calgel nails specialist, Olton Solihull

If you are looking for a new Calgel Nail Specialist in Solihull, then look no further than Cutiecals

Cutiecals specialises in gel nails and overlays, calgel nails and beauty treatments, and is based in Olton, Solihull. Here at Cutiecals, we offer a wide range of nail treatments, including Calgel overlays on hands and feet, Calgel Extensions, Infills and OPI manicures and pedicures, so if you are looking for beautifully groomed fingernails or toes, contact Cutiecals today to book an appointment.

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Calgel is a superior gel nail system that promotes natural nail health

Calgel won’t lift, peel, chip, go rubbery or damage your own nails with harsh acrylics or drills, and a Calgel treatment at Cutiecals, Solihull, will in fact strengthen your nails, meaning beautifully groomed nails for up to 4 weeks! More…

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